4 Reasons Why Your Website Is Chasing People Away

4 Reasons Why Your Website Is Chasing People Away

What is a website really? In simple terms, it is an online real estate, your very own place where you can show who you are and expose yourself to the world at large. Websites serve different purposes, some can be to generate sales, to grow awareness, to increase credibility and thousands of other reasons and to achieve these goals your website has to be top notch and fulfill all check boxes that make a website standard. There are a lot of check boxes to be honest but today, let’s just discuss these four (4):    

  • Page load speed
  • Effective design and layout
  • Lack of content
  • Bad hosting choice in relation to amount of visitors

Page load speed

Ever been so hungry and the meal you want to get has a long line in wait for it so you just leave in frustration for a food spot with a smaller line and quicker response time? Because I have, had to sacrifice that burger for some rice that day. This is basically the same idea when it comes to websites, when a person clicks a link to your site, they clicked it for a reason, usually to solve a problem of theirs, if it takes too long for your site to even open, they would leave your site for a site that can solve their problem faster. You might have been able to solve it better, but they will never know because you weren’t there when they needed you and that’s how people lose business to competitors. According to an article by hobo-web states that 47% of websites are abandoned if they fail to load within the first 2 seconds after the click. Now that’s remarkably fast but many websites are doing it so if your website isn’t fast enough to meet up with the standards of websites around the world, you are losing a lot of potential business and feeding the hands of your competitors, luckily for you we have a guide here that can help you with boosting your website speeds.

Effective Design and Layout

The second issue can be the design and layout of the site. I am not talking about the design being lame but that it is excess. Something like having too many hover effects or pop ups or even overlapping layouts. I mean it’s obvious the site tries to break out of the boring repetitive web layout and on every new page or link there are new designs. This is great when they are all individualy used but when combined together it makes the site look scribbled up. Sites like this in a lot of cases are poor responsively across different digital platforms This also turns off both visitors and customers. Yes it can be really annoying.

Lack of Content

Here is the third problem which is also a major problem. Under utilization of the website by the owner i.e poor content. Now this kills off most website. Imagine going into a big shopping store like Shoprite or Walmart and finding it only between 40%-50% filled with all the excess spaces it has. Especially when you have got a lot of comments about the store. That’s same way it is when the information gathered by visitors or customers that your website has certain information or products or services being offered at some good quality and so they rush on your site to access such quality and guess what they are let down simply because what they are seeing is poorly used. To them it doesn’t serve its purpose, the contents could be misleading or very much not convincing. An example is having your about us page with all the nice design and layout having such a small information or the page that holds tutorials and learning being scarcely used or out of dateetc. This last point is the worse that could possibly happen to any site, it will take a great amount of persuasion to get people back on your site.

Bad Traffic Management

The fourth one would be traffic. The site created can not hold multiple users. It literally becomes like a gridlock but this happening on the site. What happens hers is the site hangs and becomes unresponsive because of multiple users which leads to the site crashing a lot of times. A lot of people fail to take this into consideration you could possibly find some game sites in the category even some schools or online exam bodies, this I have had a personal experience with I was lucky to pass with all the the whole issue.

So there you have it in our next blog we will be Looking at possible solutions to these problems. Please you can leave a like and some comments.

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