10 Steps To Start A Freelance Business

10 Steps to start a freelance business

Most people have always had a dream about having a business of their own, where they are their own boss and they relax and handle their work process however they want, you know living the life.

So what is a freelance business? It’s a business usually run by an individual who works for themselves, generally through independent contract work.

Well, that’s what a freelance business can give you, but funny story, it’s not as relaxing at first as you think, it takes a lot of work to set-up and keep things running so you can be comfortable, but don’t worry, I’ve put together a few steps for you to follow to make things easier on your journey to freelancing.


  1. Create a Feasible Business Plan
  2. Do Some Research
  3. Create a brand
  4. Have a prominent online presence
  5. Create a good professional website
  6. Make sure to handle tax and legal fees quickly
  7. Separate your finances
  8. Create A Budget
  9. Spread the word
  10. Create buzz about your launch

Create A Feasible Business Plan

The very first thing you should do is create a feasible business plan; define your goals and all the details that would go into your business, if you don’t you would have a hard time as you go along. A few things you should include in your business plan are your business name, your specialty, who your clients are and how you can fix their problems, how you will find your clients, your marketing plan, how much you will charge for your services and the type of expenses you will most likely have.

Make sure you create a solid foundation before you go into the other steps to ensure everything else moves smoothly.

Do Some Research

It’s pretty important to understand the type of business you’re about to walk into, the competitors you will have, the best ways to reach your clients and so on, and you can only get this information through research which I’m sure you’re going to do well because you already searched out this page.

Create A Brand

Some people do not usually think this is a necessary step for freelancers, but I beg to differ. In case, you do not know what branding is; branding can essentially be described as what your clients think you are, the perception your clients have of you. It is important that you create a brand and build it so that you create positive lasting impressions in the mind of your clients and also gain their trust. We can help with that, if you need some help just contact us

Have a prominent online presence

Do not take social media for granted, as the name implies it is a medium for social interactions and for your business it is a medium for your prospective clients to find and relate with your brand and business, you should also be available most of the time on the platforms, that way you show people your seriousness and remind them constantly about you. You should also have an email marketing software to help you stay in contact with your clients, a free one is MailChimp. We can help with this as well, send us a message if you need help.

Create a good professional website

My emphasis on GOOD and PROFESSIONAL, people nowadays have a low tolerance for anything of low quality, it just gives them an itch that they definitely don’t want anything to do with. Your website is your domain, your place to fully express yourself and your product online to prospective clients, so you have to make sure that it is the best representation of your brand. Luckily for you, we provide some of the best services in this area, contact us now.

As your new boss you would have to do some paperwork now. Yes, yes, I know you don’t like it, but you just have to, it’s not that difficult anyway, like come on, you’re pretty smart. You should be able to find information on taxes and other legal documents on your government’s sites.

Separate your finances

You shouldn’t mix your personal and business expenses together, if you do, you will have difficulty in the accounting and tax management of both and it can be quite frustrating. My advice would be to create a business account separate from your personal account to keep things tidy and organized.

Create A Budget

You will need some money to start up your business and to keep it running overtime, it’ll do you well to budget for your expenses in each step of the way so you have your finances organized and you do not go beyond what you have, unless it is necessary.

Spread the Word

You would need people to know that you are starting up a business so tap into your existing personal and social networks and spread the word about your business.

Create Buzz about your launch

It helps to open up shop with a bang. Plan a launch to get people excited about your business coming into existence. You can send out flashy email blasts, print out flyers, make online advertisements or even have a local party. You’re about to do something amazing and everyone should know, also, when people are excited about your launch, they would most likely become customers.

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