10 signs of a great designer

10 signs of a great designer

I believe that it takes a huge amount of effort to become what you want to become and achieve your dream. However, you need determination, that’s the driving force of any endeavor. To be in the position we want to be in, we have to get the skills to qualify, here are a few qualities of great graphic designers.

The 10 signs of a high quality designer are:

  1. Creativity and Imagination
  2. Thinking outside the box.
  3. Great Passion and Drive
  4. An eye for detail
  5. Enjoying challenges and solving problems
  6. Ability to take criticism
  7. Always keen on learning more
  8. Good communication skills
  9. Perfectionism
  10. Open-mindedness

Creativity and Imagination

Any person in a design business needs creativity for their job, it’s a little bit of what we exist for but nowadays there are a lot of mediocre artworks or designs but they are acceptable to society because they end up solving the problem they were supposed to solve. But that can be considered good design, but not great design, a great designer would have to ensure that whatever they provide, they provide quality, never-seen before product that effectively solves it’s problems as well.

Thinking Outside the Box

It is very difficult to think outside the social constraints of life and to live completely outside the world that has been created for us mentally, a high quality designer will always display the trait of being outwardly, thinking completely different from the norm.

Great Passion and Drive

Any high quality designer must have great passion and drive for their work, they must be ready to go the extra mile to ensure that they provide quality at every turn and give their best in every opportunity given.

An Eye For Detail

A great designer should always have an eye for detail, they should be able to notice the smallest things and also understand that the little things count in an overall design.

Enjoying Challenges and Solving Problems

Problem solving comes along with the job of a designer. If you enjoy challenges and getting an answer to a question, then it seems you might have that trait, every great designer enjoys tasking themselves with challenges and pushing themselves to bring solutions to problems posed to them.

Ability to Take Criticism

A great designer is also a great listener, they understand they are not perfect and their solution, while good might not be the best one for the problem posed to them and they are ready to listen to other people’s ideas about their designs and not take it to heart because they know their design is not them at all.

Always Keen On Learning More

Anyone who enjoys what they does is usually always ready to get better at what they do which means they are always ready to learn newer things to constantly improve themselves. The one thing that is always constant is change and a designer has to understand that and change for the better as well.

Good Communication Skills

In this type of business there is a lot of interaction, not only with how the design itself communicates to it’s proposed audience but also with how the designer communicates with their employer or client, a great designer should have good communication skills to explain their points correctly and efficiently and also get the right information from their clients.


A great designer is usually a perfectionist, they enjoy making sure everything is just right, everything down to the last detail and this is obviously how they always come out with the best outcome.


And finally, a great designer is always open-minded about their design and everything surrounding it. They should also be confident and ready to listen to advice whether it is from someone who is experienced or not.

At the end of day, the definition of a great design is up to you as great is a liquid concept, never feel inadequate and keep designing the beautiful things.

Olaoluwa Sipe
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